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Low cost wood burning stove dealer, and get great prices on pellet stoves store that also burn corn. Buy discount combination coal furnace or wood furnace that takes large logs. Low cost Space Heaters For sale cheap wood stoves barrel kit for 55 gallon drums, and pot belly affordable wood stoves longbox boxwood franklin style to heat your home, shop or garage.
pellet stove
Pellet Stoves

Wood pellets only cost between $200 and $280 per ton! Pellet stoves are so economical compared to wood stoves. A ton of pellets could heat an average home for almost four months! If you are buying firewood for a wood stove, you can cut your heating cost 50% switching to a pellet stove. Most pellet stoves can burn corn too!
wood stoves
Wood Stoves

If you have access to free firewood, heating with a wood burning stove is the way to go. You can spend the extra money for a blower kit to help heat your whole house. Another option is to place a large box fan at least 8 feet from the wood stove to help spread the heat through your home. Hardwoods such as maple, oak, and ash burn twice as long as pine.

outdoor furnace
Outdoor Furnace

You want clean heat? Buy an outdoor furnace and keep the bugs, wood mess and smoke outside. Outdoor furnaces have a very large firebox and can handle large chuncks of wood. Most outdoor furnances are very economical to operate and heat air that is blown through your home. Some outdoor furnace heat water (boiler furnace) instead of air, thus getting the most BTUs out of a cord of wood.
pot belly
Pot Belly Stoves

I remember the old days when a pot belly stove would keep a large school classroom hot and toasty. Get off the grid with a pot belly stove as no electricity is needed. The small footprint is great for areas with limited space. Great for the cabin and your garage too. Pot belly, boxwood, or Franklin type stoves can burn coal or wood. Pot belly stoves can be had for cheap prices too.

coal or wood
Coal-Wood Furnace

A wood furnace that can also burn coal makes good common sense. If you are paying over $100 per cord for firewood, heating with coal can cut your cost in half! Not all coal-wood furnaces are huge, noisy, and dusty machines in your basement. Now days they are made smaller and more efficient. Some are even small and stylish and can be used in your living room.
barrel kit
Barrel Kits

Buying a stove to burn firewood does not need to be costly. Use a cheap kit to turn 55 gallon steel drums into an efficient wood burner. 55 gallon drums are not pretty, but work very well in your basement or garage. The double barrel setup gets the most heat from your wood. Important! Make sure to line the bottom of the barrel with fire-brick or sand!

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